Thursday, March 24, 2011

Delicious: John Legend - Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)

I've been gone a long time, real life was wearing. 
Came across this track and will be back to 
updating more often.

Had to share this great acapella cover of
Adele's Rolling in the Deep by none other than
the magnificent John Legend.

Keep up with him as he begins touring with Sade,
which also sounds fanfuckingtastic. Love it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Delicious: Gwyneth Paltow Signs Contract For First Album

After her hugely successful stint as Holly Holiday on Glee, 
and her musical debut in Country Strong, Atlantic Records has
signed Gwyneth Paltrow a 900 thousand dollar deal to 
cut her first album. This couldn't be a better move on 
her part. She could be the next Mandy Moore! Which could be a 
good or bad thing to some people. Good for me!

The girl deserves it. Hopefully she can pool some talent
to help her make some killer music. Or maybe she doesn't need
them! Who knows! I'd love to see her work with some producers
Like RedOne, or Dr. Luke, or Mark Ronson. With
my luck it'll be an all-out country album.


Anyways, if you don't think she has the talent to do this,
check out some tracks after the break.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Discover: Monarchy - I Won't Let Go

Click to go to their Soundcloud!
A great new band. Similar to Slipknot in 1 way, 
so far in all of their performances, their faces have
covered with masks. Their faces yet to be revealed.
Pretty... cool? Scary cool. Scary.

Their pop beat is pretty worth your time, and maybe
more if you click the pic above.

Take a listen now! NO BREAK. NOW.

Delicious: Katy Perry - Born This Way (Cover of Hypnogaga)

From Paris, Katy covered the mega ultra hit, 
Born This Way. Not the full song, just a minute of it 
in a  "reading a storybook to a crowd of kids" style. 

It's all right, I like what she do with anything.

So much that it destroy my grammar skills, yo.

Take a listen after the break.

Revitalized: Avril Lavigne - TiK ToK (Ke$ha Cover)

Bless her little heart. 
$he tried.

Anyway$, with her new album out 
now, I gue$$ $he'$ pluggin all $he can. Tryin' 
to climb up the chart$. I only mildy liked 
this girl back in the day, I a$$umed $he matured 
a little, gue$$ I wa$ wrong. It'$ not $o bad though...
maybe. Avril will come around and be good
$omeday, just not on this album.

Ke$ha i$ the only one ridiculou$ enough to pull thi$
$ong off, and even $o, I'm convinced that Ke$ha i$ a
character. Similar to Stephen Colbert. At most an
exaggerated version of Ms. $ebert(Ke$ha), her$elf.

Anyway$, watch thi$ and be entertained. That's it.

Track O' the Day: Somebody To Love (Feat. Boy George) - Mark Ronson

Not exactly new, not exactly old. This November 2010 single 
from Mr. Ronson's and his Business International has 
been seeing a lot of my replay button. The sounds in the official video
 kind of drowns out the beauty of the song, which Mr. George
injects into almost effortlessly.

Currently, Mr. Ronson is supposedly up to a lot right now,
but probably won't see too much of the fruits of his labors
'til next year, he did a lot last year y'know? Also
his supermodel fiancĂ©e, or wife now(?), probably keeps
him busy a lot.

The most interesting thing, is his upcoming role in scoring
Russel Brand's remake of Arthur. Which sounds
appalling and interesting.

Boy George is in thought processes for his new Culture Club
30th reunion album thing. He stated his favorite artist in example
for what he'd want it to sound like.

"My favorite artist in the UK is Adele, because her music is classic 
songwriting that could have been written 20 years ago."

Take a listen to Somebody to Love Me,
and hope that one of them does something soon 
of intrigue. I'm bored now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Delicious - Mike Posner - Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)

Mike Posner took a jab at trying to cover Ms. Adkin's 
Rolling the deep recently. He tweeted his remix and 
got a few RT including from Mr. Adam Lambert.

I enjoy Mike Posner's smooth voice sometimes 
but it's far too airy in this cover and he 
kind of has this habit of singing so 
monotonously with no emotion which if you're
covering an Adele song, you just can't be.

Anyways, it's a solid track from Mr. Posner,
not excellent, but solid. Take a listen, contemplate,
formulate an opinion, what do you think?

Delicious: Sara Bareilles - Uncharted (Video Premiere)

This video debuted yesterday on VH1, but released on
Vevo today and it has a pretty nifty guest list
from Josh Groban eating a banana to Ben Folds professering to 
Adam Levine doing what he does best. Lip syncing. Just kidding! 
Just kidding.

Anyways, according to Sara, this video was brought to life
by Javier Dunn after she shared this sentiment:

"It all started because I am so inspired by my all have more 
heart and soul than anything I've ever experienced before and it humbles 
me on a daily basis. I never cease to smile when I see a fan singing along 
to a song of mine either at a show osr on YouTube, with so much 
energy and heart. It's the coolest feeling in the world. "

I love Sara, her humility and her songwriting get me every time.

Anyways, enjoy the video guys!

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